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Under normal circumstances nobody will voluntarily leave his home. Something has to happen,
a problem or a conflict that seems irresolvable, or perhaps someone is forced by a third party –
even by the government – to leave his or her country. When one arrives in the new land, all
these problems and conflicts are still there as emotional baggage, along with one’s culture,
language, and traditions. It was this “baggage” that provoked and inspired me to write the

To me there is no better protagonist than this innocent 12-year-old boy who had to leave his
home – no doubt without being asked – and is immediately expected to integrate into a
new school and society in a foreign country. At the same time he mutely watches the
family turmoil – a passive observer but an active sufferer.

As is often the case, children try to cope with situations in their own way using whatever
means they have at their disposal.

My objective was for the audience to see the world of this refugee family and the hard
reality of it all through Veysel’s eyes, but also to feel and to experience all his hopes and
especially his strong love.

YOUR BEAUTY IS WORTH NOTHING ... is my first feature film and at the same time
my final project at the Vienna Film Academy, that is why to me there was something
special about it from the beginning.

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